Warranty conditions

All products are under the guarantee of the manufacturer unless otherwise stated. Please check the product during the delivery of the cargo in order for the warranty conditions to be valid. When you see a damage, keep a record and do not get the product. Any changes to the product, deforming the product, or disruption of the original design of the product are not covered by the warranty.

Product Return Policy


Nina Matilda Textile to be taken back to the dealers of a certain system to ensure the return. 


Nina Matilda covers returns from customers of the textile with the correct procedure



The Sales Director is responsible for sharing the instruction with the employees in accordance with the quality system. The domestic sales manager, regional manager and warehouse manager and the accounting manager are responsible for the complete fulfillment of the activities stated in the instruction. 


Nina Matilda Textile will return all products which have problem in quality standards. The customer, who wants to return the product, fills the product return form completely and sends the mail to the company. The form is reviewed by the regional administrator. If the return is found to be appropriate, it is signed. After the Sales Director approves the form, this document is sent to the dealer by e-mail. Dealer attaches this form to the invoice of the product and gives its products to cargo. The warehouse manager checks the approved form and products that come with the delivery note and makes the return of the products. 

The shipping cost of these shipments is borne by the sender.


The customer may have products shipped in his hand, such as the quality of the mold, the quality of the product, the differentiation of the product from the sample. In such a case, the dealer reports the inventory codes of the relevant products to the relevant regional manager. The regional manager gives this product to the production department in the form of a form. After examining this product, production is completed by filling the necessary form of the product and handing it over to the regional manager. If there is a quality problem detected in the product, these products will be notified to the dealer whose lot will be returned. Dealer fills the product return form based on these products. Form is approved by the regional manager and Sales Director and sent to the dealer by e-mail. The dealer submits this form to the invoice that he has cut to the products and delivers the products to the cargo we have negotiated. The warehouse manager checks the form and enters the products.


Resellers should make all these returns with the dispatches and invoices prepared in the legally required details. The warehouse manager makes the entry of these products.